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Dogville is not a cry of rage against America but against all mankind.

Nothing short of breathtaking and mind-provoking. A brilliant tale of intellectual awakening!

At least this is something that I have achieved this week that makes me happy and contented, especially my new phone just took a dip in a pool of vodka yesterday night.

!!!: Can anyone get me the premiere tix for Cold Mountain on Wednesday 10/02/04

Modes of payment negotiable. I really am very desperate. VERY desperate.
why do u always dunk your phones!
(Deleted comment)
u mean u always put your/his phone into a glass?
silly cow it's me yubin lar hahahaha
someone spilled alcohol over my phone!!! sobz....
does it mean u put your phone inside a glass and ur fren poured alcohol? Or she accidentally spilled alcohol onto your phone on the table??
very bad luck lor this year lor it's really not my fault.
my stupid fren accidentally poured alcohol onto it, she did offer to pay lar. but i am too pai seh also to accept a full payment.
fixed it from sony ericsson. cost me 100+ bucks for the bloody lcd, luckily the other parts are not corroded

oei, who's who?
I loved the denouement!! Loved it! Insanely satisfying...
its one of the most amazing movie experiences i ever had. the theatre like style left me leaving the movie with more imagination. the movie set is so beautiful with its immense imagination with the limited props and the cinematography is really breathtaking.
as for the story, its really a bite against all mankind, it's like a God-sent Grace to the human race ala Jesus in the New Testament, and that human beings are NOT deserving for forgiveness. sigh
I didn't really notice the Biblical allegory, but I thought of it more a comment on the nature of human beings/America...

Though the dog being called Moses could also mean something hor...
it was set in america, but americans dislike this movie because they are oversensitive.
notice Grace came to Dogville : Jesus came to Jerusalem
She gave them help, love and care : Just like Jesus
She was exploited accused and abused even though everyone know she's innocent: Jesus went through the same
And this is the turn of the story --> Grace, just like Jesus as depicted in the Bible, accepted all accusations. HOWEVER, she decided that mankind are just NOT worth all her pain and suffering when she finally realised that her work is not going to make any differences.

Human beings will never be satisfied as they become more and more greedy.
Solution: The old testament. wipe out the bad people i.e. dogville
Yeah I could figure out the allegory once someone told me that it was there. But when I watched it the notion didn't come to me... I only saw it as an allegory to the inherent evil-ness of human beings... :)
so desperate u'd do ANYTHING?

not that i can get u those la... juz asking
hahaha hmmmmm i am really QUITE desperate believe me hahaha
=P ooh.... kor, dont so desperate until do notti stuff hor.
the problem right now is i cant even do notti things for the tix hahahahaha
haha! how sad?
Not again!!!! U can get another new one then!!!
u think i got too much money?? you send me money ok ??

Go for another few more rounds of MJ to win back a phone. Or maybe can try ur luck on the 4D tonight. Give u all the luck brother!!!


And i tot my ex-colleague was the expert at dunking phones...

*bows to the Master* :P
yes yes...
you may rise. and please buy me a new phone

damn it i sound so familiar

slaps myself for being such a whore
Yes yes yes, we know you are desperate. You don't have to repeat it every other entry.
OK... one entry coming up to thank you okie!??!