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My brother left my SE P800 in a puddle of beer and left it drunk
Repair Cost: S$900

Please ask them to go and die.
Result: SE T630

Lost most of my contacts... please send me yours?
... my poor mimi...

Was your brother drunk again?

T630 is out?!? I WANT!
yeah it's out!! so nice i love it!!! hee hee my brother is ALWAYS drunk remember???
act cute alert!
learn from you one lor!
hey! congrats! u have a valid reason to get your t630!! bought liao?
bought liao!!! just received your sms!!! hehe
envy, i need a phone change to spice up my life too!
Them: Please go and die.
huh huh huh ???
heh heh..somebody got his T630 liao woh?
finally found an excuse good enough to buy myself a phone

buy the same phone with me didi!!
why not P900? i want one le... :P
P900 is S$1400+++
me no money!!
Oy, hows the T630, i think its sure cute!
it's good it's good like it much much
show it to you on sunday???