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If you are fighting stop fighting
If you are marching stop marching


Trailer @ www.coldmountainmovie.com
yup yup how are you?? hope you are fine.... havent been very active in LJ... =P
i'm fine... no real paying job. how about u?

me or u not active? haha! wah frm last time until now, say wanna meet never meet. Now i'm super free!!! no more school!!!!!!!
oh so what are you working as now?
at Singapore Press Holdings... i edit the videos you guys watch on the Channel I and U news. =) scan negatives too... all these were written in my LJ. =P

how abt you? what've u been doing?
very interesting job you've got there.. sorry not much time to read as you can see i am replying comments late at 2.35am
hehe... it's alright. anw, i'm going to quit this job soon. time to find a job that actually PAYS me!
you mean it actually doesnt pay you?~??~?~
nope... not at all. Not a single cent. I'm in the same department as my daddy and he dragged me into this dumb job!