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choy ke lei! i am going to play mahjong now with timmy spencer and lao chio!!! urrrgghhh why are you not in sg!!!! i want to play mj and club with you!!!
I missed those MJ days leh and the kway chap we will eat after MJ. Argh!! I wanna come home. Btw, I've applied for my HomeLeave on 020504. Will you guys still be around?

hmm i will let you know but most probably no....
sigh... but i will see you in december confirmed lar
i really miss that kway chap lor.. it's really the best i have eaten.. too bad its getting better
old airport road has changed beyond recognition anyway.. time passes fast.
and things changes very fast
but like we always say, we will always be friend yeah?
Yep!!! No Matter how far apart we are. Our friendship never change!!! Hurray!!!