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there goes my S$6 mil

so it's true, monkey year monkey no luck
Cheer up buck. You don't need to buy toto or 4d just to get lucky. Luck is all around you. Try to think in this way that by touching someone's life in terms of help or service, you are creating luck for yourself. Remember that. You win some you lose some. So you might have already lost the battle, but you've not lost the Feb 13th war! Think about that. :)

hee hee true.. but what is it about the feb 13th war?
but but, even if you buy, u may not win what...
at least there will be hope.... at least there will be a chance.....
Bought 8 pieces of BigSweep this month.
Give you $6 if i win yar? hehehe
nevermind i shall still be nice to everybody for another 14 more days....

hmmm.... i didnyt struck 4d this afternoon... shall wait for my toto outcome on friday! *fingers cross*
buy you big big meal if i struck my toto! =D
you buy me a new handphone too ok ?? hahaha
or u want me to help u to buy 'Mark 6' in hk? hehehehe~~~
hahahaha ok ok help me buy!!!
Hello!! I've just started my livejournal.. wanna add me? kekeke ... =)
HEY!!!! wat a surprise.. of course i will add you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Luckily I dun buy~~~
then you should buy...
you never know... =P
I noe I'm not that lucky one la...esp since I'm a monkey...hehe
I win, I sure lose something else. Better not take the risk.
haha you believe in the chinese saying too? haha oh well.... just let things be natural eh?
Hey Ben,

Monkey and Tiger need to pray Tai Sui!!!!

hey i need to ask you hor is it too late to pray Tai Sui??
Nope, it will be good if you are settle it before 15th day of CNY and most importantly ... do remember to huan tai Sui by the end of the year.

oh dear.. i forgot that i will need to return aka huan tai sui... why must return anyway.. what if i am not back in december??!
Ask someone to do it on ur behalf. :)
oh!!!! can ah???? which temple can bai tai sui... dunno anyone else who knoes!
Go to the temple we visited last year. Loyang Tao Pei Gong. Hmm, can ask our dearest Lao Lao along. He is an expertise in it but u must tahan his nagging!!! keke Jacx