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I feel very bad playing with newbies suddenly...

So bad that I can't sleep...
Lucky I never go lor... ack!
er hem.. you newbie meh!?!?
hahaha... it's alright la... all part of the game... u can give us a treat e next time... :P
hahaha okie no problem....
but no more bah kua and pineapple tarts.. i am dying from coughing..

going centro???
What to do?

Now that your old khakis are all over the place.
Or abandoned.

hahahaha yeah lor... i miss jaer!!!! haiz... and we got no kakis.....
i am new!
i am new!
*cross fingers*
play with me! =D
tee hee you sure or not..
or you expert?!?!?
school fees very expensive
ok i will give a FOC mahjong course!!
Haha. It's okay really. Don't feel bad. To me, it's just a lesson learnt. :)
lesson learnt?? hahaha nevermind ok? i will buy you a drink when i see you in the clubs,..
So who is better? Newbies or our Lao Lao?? :P Jacx
you are the best lar..... you are the lao lao mah!!!
haha... play wif them a few more timez then can liao lo!!!

i wanna learn also ley! :p
u also wanna learn!?!? yeahhhh!!!! i can see a grouchy chihuahua @ work then!! hahahaha
ok ok must organise ok ? we QUIT clubbing!!!

hahahaha, i also want to play leh!
if u want u can come my house to play, coz we play during weekdays mornings to late afternoons.. i might organise ;p i just had one last week.. all easties ;p
So when can i test yr skills my little monkey :)
u are supposed to organise and hello i am waiting for your call!!!
ahahah.. itz ok la.. e usual school fees wat.. & i oni lose abit.. can afford la..

is scared u bored loh.. we so bloody slow..
so when's e nxt x?!?!
hahahahaha you still wanna play with me later you say i cheat your money
hahaha but nevermind lar i always treat you also mah hor??? ::winks::

ah pang wants to learn!!!!

you are an evil evil monkey...
but everybody STILL loves me!!! hee hee hee