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There must be an eternal soul that stays in a physical body constrained by the restriction of time.
So where do we come from? Conceiving is just a physical method of how offsprings are produced.
So HE who creates must have created alot more souls than I imagined.
Or is reincarnation possible from all those tales of fate and unexplained memories?
Is waking up from a dream that seems so real makes walking down the beach seems so surreal?

The mind and body is a wonderful and most complex creation.

It's not that simple.
There has to be a reason for our existence, than to just play, study and work, that seems so meaningless.
u sound as though u haven played mahjong for ages.. but my table is ancient and my tiles are smaller than the usual ones.. anyway i'm going to sleep.. or else i can't wake up for the 9 o clock gym class.. Nite
heh heh
itchy mah...
thanks anyway good nite!