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There must be an eternal soul that stays in a physical body constrained by the restriction of time.
So where do we come from? Conceiving is just a physical method of how offsprings are produced.
So HE who creates must have created alot more souls than I imagined.
Or is reincarnation possible from all those tales of fate and unexplained memories?
Is waking up from a dream that seems so real makes walking down the beach seems so surreal?

The mind and body is a wonderful and most complex creation.

It's not that simple.
There has to be a reason for our existence, than to just play, study and work, that seems so meaningless.
of course can wor... just passing time only.. not for living hahaa
yeah okie okie.. maybe next week.. which days u dun have lesson? or got very few lessons.. want to play.. must play at least 2 or 3 rounds.. 1 round so bORING... actually next week is very bad.. i got lessons almost everyday.. but u tell me when u r free.. thurs and friday is out
hmmmm just call me when you arrange lor!! i sure can make it hahaha
kaoz.. okie.. i'll ask around then..
u sound as though u haven played mahjong for ages.. but my table is ancient and my tiles are smaller than the usual ones.. anyway i'm going to sleep.. or else i can't wake up for the 9 o clock gym class.. Nite
heh heh
itchy mah...
thanks anyway good nite!