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There must be an eternal soul that stays in a physical body constrained by the restriction of time.
So where do we come from? Conceiving is just a physical method of how offsprings are produced.
So HE who creates must have created alot more souls than I imagined.
Or is reincarnation possible from all those tales of fate and unexplained memories?
Is waking up from a dream that seems so real makes walking down the beach seems so surreal?

The mind and body is a wonderful and most complex creation.

It's not that simple.
There has to be a reason for our existence, than to just play, study and work, that seems so meaningless.
Aiyooo when did u take ur userpic?? hw come u become so skinny... recently very stress ar.. must be go out chiong too much liao isit..:P keke...
i just took the userpic yesterday.. must update on how i look like mah..
do i look very skinny... hehe it's photoshop-ed! haha

太瘦了....very scary..:P
huh... really ah... ok ok i will eat more..
maybe "kate moss" figure is no longer IN hahahaha
hmm, i think u look fine in it loh
maybe must show the entire uniform!
hahahaa cannot lar show entire uniform people can see my rank and full name mah,...... =P