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Have been away from home for days....

And there she is, threatening to "INVEST" some money for P.I. investigation on what her son is up to.
heez... juz go back and how your face for one dae lar. =P
of course make sure shes at home when u do that..hehe
sigh i am already at home that's why she was screaming just now.....

heez juz bear with it..all mothers are like that
i suppose we will never get out of this phase?
wow it's a saturday nite and you are at home? hahahaha so good boy...
ahahah.. tatz 1 of e many reasons y im staying out now..
yeah i noe... heard that you used to scream at your mum... sigh...
i think nowadays all the youngsters can't stand the idea of the multi-generation idea living under the same roof
ya.. i mean i dun mind.. but juz dun bug my life 2 much.. ur kids r born this way.. dun try 2 change their party ways.. hehe..

*must remb when i hv my own kids nxt x*
hahah i am quite sure you will react differently when your daughter behaves like you!!! hahahaha
ahahah.. dun b RUDE!! actuali i oso think of it b4 loh.. if my daughter like me i'll die early loh.. ahahah..

tatz y i always say i 1 SON!
NO leh.... i dun think so.. all my frens who are the only son are always very lonely..
shld give them at least one sibling leh! furthermore you always so happening when you go cheong who take care of him!?

bring your son along to cheong ??
hehe.. well.. kids can always start young.. MUAHAHAH

but no la.. i'll b a domesticated wife la.. cheong now.. marry kuai... *eyes rolling*
one word
hehe.. i oso dun think so la.. ahahah..!!
just live life as we please..
just be happy...

dun care what we do lar. hahahaha
ahahah.. lucky u dun hv kids nxt x..
hahaha it's hard to say... maybe will bug one lesbo to help me
ahahah.. oh no..!!

Dun be upset over that small matter. All of us are hates and dislike the screaming from our mother. Wishes that she will leave us alone and get out of our lives. We will start shouting at her, ended up with a quarel and didnt talk with one another for days. But if you are in my shoes now, you will misses your mother and treasure her more. Luckily that she is still around and I promise that I'll love her more when I'm back home. Do bear in mind that no matter how unreasonable she is, she carried us for ten months and the love she given is the Greatest Love of All.