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Been clubbing in excess really. Will definitely club less in the coming new year.
::jots down as the FIRST new year resolution::

Friday was quite a boring day at the pre-snow ball thingy at YN though did catch a number of old friends from the states. the only highlight of the day was the real tame python they brought into why not with the oh-very-yummy navy boy

Snowball was ok though i thought the music wasn't as good as Nation's03 and the acoustic wasn't fantastic.. though i did have great fun with lotsa friends. Thought that ALMOST the whole AJ community was there.

Last night was the best i thought. Good ol' clubbing at centro/lola (i.e. my fav. club ... NOT YN) Many many unfamiliar faces and that multitude of hunks from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Aussie.. I almost passed out from excitement in the midst of sweaty hunkadolas. Made a very good choice NOT to club at china black instead.

Should stop thinking of all these memories.... must stop clubbing

pArAdiSe anyOne?!

notti girl

me no girl... me monkey boy!

tot u sae 2 stop clubbin? hahaha
yeah i agree d music at snowball SUX!
yeah lor.. think i saw you wor.. with many many men hahahaha
music was ok at first and i think it's only because of the company i stayed till five.. alot of my frens left at 3+ though.. heh heh

going paradise? heard it's gonna be very haP!
Oh I see the Monkey is still energetic as ever~

but it's the holiday season... will stop after paradise.... heh
ooo, the oh-very-yummy navy boy works out at Cali and I've seen in thongs in the play Bent b4... heehee... :P
hmmm is he aj???? =P
u r such a clubber!! HARD core..tsk tsk...
you not very lightweight lor.... always see you at why not.... heh heh
If you are drinking, stop drinking..
If you are clubbing, stop clubbing,
Come back to Paradise wohooOo..aiyah, just talkfalkcockfock :P

come with me... come with me....

::dangles candies::
Sigh... wish I was there....

THEN WE'LL REALLY have a good time.

:: sniff sniff ::

:: packs bag, get ready for London ::
i must save enough money lar darlink! but you are also having so much fun in U.K ... sigh
i want cold weather!! the fake snow in Snowball is just sooooo not enough!!
darn!! didn't make it for the sundae one!!
stop clubbing?? haha... i think i heard dat quite some time before... :P
sigh i think my life always revolve around circles... should really keep to my silly resolutions eh? hahahaha

goin paradise??? =P
New Year resolution ..... You will never stop clubbing unless you are married off!!! Where is Paradise huh?

Really wish that I'm there during this festive seasons ... especially Snowball. My side here is like a dead town. KNS.

hahaha paradise is this str8 cum aj countdown party co-organised by fridae i think.. will be at suntec too... will tell you how sexciting it is ok ????

we all miss you!!
Yoz.. what's the name of the navy guy huh? he looks very familiar...
hello.. i think his name is ben... ben siow if i am not wrong