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the Merriest season

Been clubbing in excess really. Will definitely club less in the coming new year.
::jots down as the FIRST new year resolution::

Friday was quite a boring day at the pre-snow ball thingy at YN though did catch a number of old friends from the states. the only highlight of the day was the real tame python they brought into why not with the oh-very-yummy navy boy

Snowball was ok though i thought the music wasn't as good as Nation's03 and the acoustic wasn't fantastic.. though i did have great fun with lotsa friends. Thought that ALMOST the whole AJ community was there.

Last night was the best i thought. Good ol' clubbing at centro/lola (i.e. my fav. club ... NOT YN) Many many unfamiliar faces and that multitude of hunks from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Aussie.. I almost passed out from excitement in the midst of sweaty hunkadolas. Made a very good choice NOT to club at china black instead.

Should stop thinking of all these memories.... must stop clubbing

pArAdiSe anyOne?!

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