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got it from kevin82


Do you know me?
Hahahaha... I'm good.. I got 92!! :P

for this i will pay you in kind hahaha
puppy highest!!
mine is SO MUCH easier than yours lor hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

blah! =( at least mine are quite relevant not like yours?

past life.. sigh
must be puppy
where got easy??
i actually pause to think very long looooRH
97 is how many wrong?

97 is almost perfect
you are just near to my perfect answers... understand?
my answers all have different % mah.
so you could have choosen 1 next best answer lor!


ok bring you out for food later!
aiyoh. awful score.
that's alrite.. we have alot to catch up ... maybe we meet for dinner ok ? with takira and frens hahahahaha =)
who are takira's friends?
yeah 74 no bad lar hor..at least pass.. hehe
hmmm of course you better be... we are all fellow scorpios yeah ?
err ok..like that also can ..hehe
but i did badly on your quiz.. so sad..
heez its ok lar..
i agree i set mine up quite tuff ..
dusent mean anithing lar =)
Hmmmm think i dunno you very well hor.... :(
are you boxy!!?? or just kuta?!?
im not the highest liao
not my fault... people know the answers already go and try again... but as far as i am concerned, you are the best first timer!! hehehe