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Last month went to 1935 ( the supposedly haunted house ) with a big bunch of people... like 8 or 10 i cant really remember... and after that night, 2 of my frens who claimed that they saw something could not sleep well till today. They are not possessed but somehow being "followed". Both are female ghosts and one is apparently stronger than the other, as described by the medium. Which will get stronger if they do not do anything about it soon.

Things like they can't sleep well at night, cats meows at night ( which no one else can hear ) and as a last resort they went to a temple to ask for advise.. there are 105 advise slips yet they both got the same one..... " you are accompanied by a ferocious tiger up a hill ... "

Now, after seeing a chinese medium, they are advised to go back to 1935 to pray.... I am not sure, but i am supposed to bring them back there....

I am not superstitious, and i am not sure whether i should go with them, whether it IS a good deed or it actually harms them if i bring them back..
Ah... that you do not have to worry.
I've been seeing so many things this month, you
wouldn't find me anywhere near the place.