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It's just a silly infatuation

Such big bouncy sexy breasts that are so swift and lethal!
the 2nd pic looks as if she shoot out her boobs

I agree!
Maybe there's a secret move where she
suffocates the opponent with those, erm, things.
flying boobs!!
ask steffie go learn. just as good.
are you reading this!!!!
these screenshots are from capcom vs snk chaos :)
i've been quite addicted to that game lately haha!!
mai is cool!! boobs!!
i am very addicted!!! playing almost everyday hahaha but still very lousy
where do you play? com'on we shld play together!!
(Deleted comment)
it's the woman who trashed you so badly at bugis...

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
oohhhh... like watermelons~!
but mai's breast not bouncy animore since 98 :(
98? why le?
by the way, it's infatuation, not infactuation =p
your comment is soooo you-know-who! =P
ok other than spelling booboos...mind if i ask if the title is another rip off your obsession with MR??
you are very intelligent.... i tink you are the only one who noes " it's just a silly infatuation" comes from....

but the four question marks are actually japanese characters of her name..
bu zhi huo wu...

dunno why never come out properly leh
the figure of ability and popularity??
heez...then steffie shd be qualified too!!

ermm the 2nd one look like hentai..wonder where she keeps all those fans of hers..

with a clevage like hers... i'm sure there's no prob to where she's keeping them :)

Got the male version not?
ermm onli women cause it requires blood.
haha! I CANT believe the game is your current 'in' thing!!! but she's really hOT, maybe someday we shld have a game together. Lets play again soon!
I'll beat ur mai's boobish stunts with my Terry bogard's
Please lar you!!! you can never win me lor
even the experts i play with at the arcade kanna trashed by me ok!!
i am POWERFUL!!!!
i wanna play tooz!! :)
i just came back from playing!!!!!!!

when you free? we go play ? add me to icq ok ?