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3 months since I last went to the gym.
Weight 45kg
Stepped on to machine 3 more times. Weight reads 45kg.
Not funny when I feel skinnier already but that is like aneroxia!!

Thank God the scale is spoilt after checking it out with the staff.
Oh no you need more ice cream!
but i aint got not much money to buy ice-cream =(
I will buy you!
i hate u people with high metabolism... -bleah-

-pat pat-
do you realise i am NOT 45 kg hahaha the scale is spoilt lar..
come come let's go running!
confirm spoilt lah! 45 kg wor! you where got so heavy??? =P
talk about your self lor! DUH
Is that your left butt cheek or your right?

=P Anyhows, still miss you wors~! =)
it's just your big mouth alone you stupid old bitch!
come back wor!!!
singaporeans seem to be cuter!!
i'm sure even steffie is heavier than that lor.
and you ain't exactly that much smaller than her either.
::hopes stephie doesnt read comments::
(Deleted comment)
no lar!!!! IT WAS A MISTAKE!!!!

omg? you are 45? i'm 20kgs more than you! :)
alas i am not so light..
i am about... 60 ? heh heh

+) we go eat ice cream together ok!?