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Went for a 830a.m. church service at a church where i grew up. All Saints' Church just beside Anglican High School. It changed so much since I was there 3 years ago, but then again, the people there are still pretty much the same, except that most of them are surprised how much i've changed. Think it's time to renew my faith at this quiet church where it feels so homely with all my old church friends.

I am actually quite conservative. Lalala.

you're conservative??!?! gasp*
hehehe.... repents some more. so drama =p
Yes ... in some cases like beliefs and faith i am actually quite conservative hahahahaha

Its so nice hearing that you are back to church!

hahaha i also find it exhilarating and unbelievable.. think i will try to go every week haha
what an apt song
it was really the song i was ripping
i was just being truthful you know..

thou shall not lie hahaha
thanks for addin me into friendster!
the server sucks...

nice to see faith in work :)
hahaha yup!!! thanks for accepting me hahaha

anyway too bad it;'s one of those rare weekends ididnt go clubbing..

see ya soon!
church and centro don't mix. even though they have the same number of letters and both begins with the letter 'c'! hehe
yeah that's why i am not going centro tonite hahaha
Grins, back at school ay ben?
Big grins, truly cannot imagine you in the lil shorts and shirt! Chuckles

Hm...going back to school is always nice, ar man..i wanna go back to my old school now if i could!
Did any little boys fall pray to dly at the church?????

DETAILS!!!! :P~~~
Are u referring to some obscure communion practices?
(Deleted comment)
tsk tsk
in the end i am the most holy amongst us
tsk tsk tsk

(Deleted comment)