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A lifelong full of rules
A heartache full of wounds

Windows of the soul
Deceit is beautiful

Open your eyes as time fly
Once again i try and try

The road to heaven chains my feet to the heavy lock
I break free and to hell I flock

What exactly is Freedom ?
freedom is coming into the purpose of your existence, to be put into what you were purposed for.

it is coming out of your existence into your destiny.

don't be a slave to your passions.
freedom isn't just emotional. it's also about seeing beyond what you have into what you want to have.
what i was purposed for? is there a reason for every homo sapien born into this world??

i always thought....
don't be a slave to rules. follow your heart.

a bird knows nowhere it cannot go,
the seas touch the shores of every coast.
wherein the sadness in your soul,
only your own answer will let it go.
a bird brings the olive leaf to a dry land
for it knows how to survive
to breathe another second not to let life end
like the bees bringing honey to the hive
Black ain't black
neither is white truly white

Thats my take on life in general
& i do believe its worth sharing
what say you?
i just love the way you say what say you

you know what?
i love you
but i hate you too

i think human beings are really confused and pathetic creatures.
(not meant to be offending)
Is there freedom

in the framework of norms and expectations?

within the revolution of scrutiny/presense/affectations of others?

with the suppression of desires?

under the sway and direction of emotions?

while in the eye of one's own conscience?

or is freedom just a myth, to lie to ourselves that life possesses no barnacles unto us, that we are free to fly and direct our paths?
it's a good question.

i'm startin to think freedom comes only when one lost his/her mind...
I am beginning to wonder
there is no freedom
freedom probably is when you lose your mind
when you are not restricted by other peopl
when you live in your own world
when you laugh at your own silly thoughts
singing a song that never ends

in other words,
i think people at IMH are probably the most fortunate.
Enjoy all these cross talk & had to like put in my bit of the pie.

Love & hate though they stand for opposite polarities wasn't meant to be understood so simplistically,
take for an example can there be good within evil, is there a God if there ain't a Devil.
Binary opposites i say, whose problem is it.Humans?
Yeap, these bordy concepts and notions that bug us are all creations of our lazy minds.
See, for we were born nude and there wasn't a need to dress till Chanel and Diesel came along...ahahhaha..okay i'm pulling a fast one here, but, you do get the idea yea?

They(these manufactured theories) are SUPPOSE to make our lives easier..but are they?
assumption being that through knowledge comes forth freedom
but is it so?
I say not.

Love cannot exist without hate, in fact i argue that these two states co-exist at the same time if indeed they do exist. For, as it isn't innate as the will to live.
If you might fraudulently want to call love innate in humankind,
i will contest that for i say its just procreational mechanisms at large.

what about the homosexual arena? Yes! What about us, homosexuals or bisexuals, twinks, jocks, lesbian, gays,actives, bears, faeries,passives or whatever you call them, do you think that the motivation for people to get 'together'
is due to love? Or is it that particular genetic hankering in our very own selves.

for we can love everyone, our parents, our best friends, our siblings as they brought us up, was a shoulder to lean on, did us favors so on, but does this type of 'love' make us want to sleep with them? *chuckles*

With that i say that Love is alike nationalism and society at large is but an illusion, an entity given to the void.
An attempt to word, name something in any given scenario that does not exist.
'Romantic Love' is but a bodily mechanism painted with floral verbal fluidity by complex yet bordy lazy minds in an attempt to simplify things but guess what? It didn't happen.

It caused many an protagonist a many heart-breaks- a term to describe an extreme emotional lost, the state of what Singaporeans call "sim tia"/heart-pain

hahahhahha you see there goes another lazy, complex mind at work again.

A world full of oxy-morons, a world with 'lacks' as motivation(freud)

Freedom has to exist for its the state we're born in,
it is but a sub-set of life no matter the situation for all elements must always exist,
the only difference is the composite of the elements.
(look at ur lego for an example, take love as black, life as white, hate as red, freedom as blue and so on, build a cube with these, then i guess you'll get what i am saying)

Love this world! Let the mayhem continue to enrich life's experiences!!!
do you have to delete your replies 2 times when they are about the same? hahaha

i feel exactly what you have said. But i suppose i want to clarify something
I think alot of you guys do not understand what i was trying to say in my so called poem.

what i love about this world.... is what i regard as hell.

and when i flock to it, what i meant is, i am going to enjoy it.
My idea of heaven used to be according what the bible says, which till now, i do not deny of.
I guess i am just extremely poor at expressing myself, reading all you guys replies made me very pai seh of my language and vocabulary. anyway eulb, i am impressed. i really am. catch you when you come back alright?
Freedom defines itself only when you recognise, identify the problem.
What do you want to be free from?
Here i clarify myself. What i meant.

I am brought up what people want me to be. i.e. mum, church, society, lover, whoever
But i can't be what they want me to be
For the things they detest, are the things i love
do i live for others? or do people stay alive for each other?
I tried, i try, and i hope i will still try
All i can see i blackness in the sky
The road to paradise seems so impossible
Forbidden fruits seem irressistble
I always thought that freedom is being happy when people i love are happy
but i am suppressed, at the end of the day, i feel empty
I do not know what is freedom anymore.
It's no longer burning.
I hope there's still a spark where i can flame it back.

p.s. i think your logo is not a wolf. but a lion.
sm1 wrote in LJ b4.. which i believe is true..

freedom is when u go insane.. when u no longer hv a care of e world.. when wat u say/do is not tied down.. & when u can b chained down, yet e heart feels like a bird in e sky..
who wrote before?

suddenly i really envy those people who lost themselves in IMH... haha
yoz... it's been so looooooooOOOoooooong since i last chatted with you. u ok?
yeah man little boy
this old man is fine... just going crazy which is good
becos going crazy is .. ermmm getting free....
(Deleted comment)
You mean that.... the mind is an illusion??

we are all illusion... shucks...i am living in a dream, dreaming of another dream

a dream in a dream
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
My godd!!! this is the 1st time i see so many comments in a LJ posting...koaz...i will be the person to let it HIT 100 comments... hehe..:P
hahaha you can go and back date my previous entries dear YJ
you are so cute. this proves you havent been reading my LJ!!!!!

oh i so love reading this entire thread of comments... am still going thru them but... damn it's interesting.. lol*
my god..... you actually went to read? i had such a difficult time reading... gives me big headache.. haha