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Sometimes I think we cannot be too rash.

Somehow I am lucky that I do not have to turn up as Donald Duck or a school girl gone really wrong.

Angel's wings on a naked torso or cheongsam with armpit hair kinda looks nice, dun ya think kevin82?

(Deleted comment)
u will need a white bottom..and a bushy top!!!

err ok that didnt come out rite..
(Deleted comment)
dunnoe wor...

dun try to corrupt me..

(Deleted comment)
those are for ah bu wor..
u want ah...i lend to u lor..
i noe u want rite...
(Deleted comment)
fwech fwies first..

oh yah forget tt u go for your own kind...
(Deleted comment)
Public Sex~!!!

Quick! Call mata!!!

:: Remembers to record down first ::