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Went to Eastpoint yesterday and collected my glasses from stevie, like, after 2 weeks? And brought juju over to make glasses. Then went bowling at Safra Cathay. After which had beer at tampines kopi tiam ( so uncle ) with Siew mUn, juju, bah kut, redmond and qingfu. It's been a long time since i saw the latter 2. But it's good that we can talk about anything we wanted to, yes ANYTHING...
Maybe it's the beer, but i had a very restless night. Was supposed to meet suzy for supper, but again fly my kite. B****. haha

Woke up early for school and had a stupid presentation. My fren said i looked very fierce .. i think i look very friendly what.
Then met up with 2 female smoking kakis, claudia and pamela.

Went to meet my kor for lunch at holland V, had crystal jade. Damn full, and we went straight to siglap haagan dazs for chocolate decadance. Hmmmm i still prefer ben and jerry. And caught up with Alvin.

It's nice to do these things that ... doesnt need any planning
Life's really nice and simple
Yet somethings seem to be missing out
its 1.30am.
just read thru all your journals...and all the comments. crazy, mad, depressing, very watever. puts a smile on me.

its good u still have the energy to write. i don't even have any. thats why i stopped writing.

life is crazy.. like what u said. this world is so messy. thats why everybody is so crazy. i try to be crazy in my own sense - but i dun even have the energy to be. what little energy and life in me must be put to better use - thats what i always think. but i fail always.

this is a money chasing world. how i wish it wasn't so. but everybody all around me is doing so. how can i fight this? not everyone wants to be like this. its a neccessity of life but soon it becomes an end in itself. its sad when we lose our meaning in life. its even sadder when we try and replace what's lost with other things less worthy, with things that are only temporary.

this is a dream chasing world. we make dreams for ourselves, knowing that the dreams aren't real. i don't wanna be like that. i am real - i deserve real things. real things are good. truth is good. lies are bad. i don't wanna be deceived. i don't wanna believe in lies, in false matters. i don't wanna chase after empty dreams. i wanna truly live. can i ever do so? is this a dream as well? only God knows. God says i am real, so i am real.

u are real. i am real. we must live a real life in a real world. i wanna travel on a road, not along a route. Cast away the make-believe world. i need courage to travel the road. the love that i have always known isn't love at all. true love don't lie. cast aside the make-believe love for it isn't love at all.

Are you BK. ? hmmm
thanks for the advice Mr anonymous. Well, very often a time, people still believe in dreams and hopes. That's why people live.

If there are no dreams, why live?
Nice to know that you really enjoyed it. Me too. Am surprise to see you... but definitely glad. Maybe we should do it again.