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Weight: 60.8kg Height: 173cm Age: 22+
Cigarettes: 4 sticks

It's only 10:25pm and I am feeling so freaking tired.
I am old.
Only if I can change the things in my past, only if I can live without regrets.
Mai Shiranui.
Sick of LAN.
Terrified of ALCOHOL.
I need some new hobbies to keep me occupied.
star trek is like how boring
moulin rouge?
or how bout the hours
star trek is like how fun and how thought provoking can... ask daniel, kenneth.. .etc etc dun believe me!!!! HMMPH!!
renton and hunkadola kenneth?
aiyah the two how himbo can of course like himbo shows that are apparantly NOT thought provoking can!

B I T C H ! ! !