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Weight: 60.8kg Height: 173cm Age: 22+
Cigarettes: 4 sticks

It's only 10:25pm and I am feeling so freaking tired.
I am old.
Only if I can change the things in my past, only if I can live without regrets.
Mai Shiranui.
Sick of LAN.
Terrified of ALCOHOL.
I need some new hobbies to keep me occupied.
like what!?
dragon boat!!
(Deleted comment)
it makes me peel like a snake....
haha ok lar ok lar
which weekday you free we go ok ?
got badminton..kayaking??

hmmm badminton is onz.
and where are we suppose to get a court?!?!
like... erm... make a phone call? go tampines court?