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Weight: 60.8kg Height: 173cm Age: 22+
Cigarettes: 4 sticks

It's only 10:25pm and I am feeling so freaking tired.
I am old.
Only if I can change the things in my past, only if I can live without regrets.
Mai Shiranui.
Sick of LAN.
Terrified of ALCOHOL.
I need some new hobbies to keep me occupied.
Quarter life crisis???? Bwahahahahhaaha...
erm actually i think i am at mid life crisis. I think i will die by the age of 30...

Hi sweetie,

Do try to adapt and enjoy of being alone. I've been watching movie alone nowadays to kill my weekends. Going to the library alone, stayed there for hours to finish a book.

I think sometimes being alone is kinda nice... i know what you mean

Finding myself back..
cut down on smoking..heez
can so some sports for a change yah? =)
like what!?
dragon boat!!
(Deleted comment)
Come learn singing with me lah.. keke:P
dun want lar!!! your singing skills how good. i go with you i will be how sia suay!!

will support you lar!

gobble -wink-

(Deleted comment)
but i am bad at fantasy games without any visual effects....

i had imagining

prefer real stuff ... =)
(Deleted comment)

Do healthy stuff with me! :)

always bo jio!
erm.... i got NO pS2 at home

you give me yours?!
come my place watch star trek lah.. healthiest... bestest...
Trueness, but not that healthy lor... couch potato butt anyone??? ;)