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Glorious weekend without clubbing. Thought a healthy lifestyle is finally starting after the departure of jaer but alas, now that I am having a serious sunburn cum really bad aches on my shoulders and legs, I am convinced that night life is more suitable for me.

As the moon shines into my window, the creature within me howls.
Ache is good! Means muscles are growing!
i prefer to look dark and toned .. yes

but all the pain i am going through.. really... ISN't WORTH IT baby! hahahaha

go watch underworld. the vampires are SEXY
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Heeh, creature of the dark, of the night, in Yn.

...and the creature beside u meows? ;p
there are usually many creatures.. esp in our group.

For eg. you definitely dun meow...


you online meh?
Hey.. fren.. long time never heard frm you liao... hw are u recently??
life... has been kind and unkind i suppose..

your life seems fun and great as usual... haha

still surviving ...
wow you are using every other user pic u have......withdrawal symptoms arh?....
it's because i havent been regularly updating dear.. hahaha
so must use more when i have the chance

... of course not!
Please please please use a sunblock, at least SPF 20+! the sun does evil things to u without u knowing it.
:;jotes down on notebook under cedist's beauty tips::
you're a vamp, not a lycan silly...
and vamps hiss. :) and suck

and yeah, i remember how vamps hiss like snakes....
i find it extremely attractive
woo hoo!!! jia you!!! it's already been my fourth clubless weekend!! :)
com'on i think it's time you come down this saturday

steady bor!?

you fly our kite for dinner~!! so you better come clubbing wor wor!!
what has underworld got to do wif ur posting?
underworld is the show i have watched during the weekend....

and i am trying to say that i belong to the underworld.
the world of darkness.....
your earas burn cause they stick out more my dear!
okay shant tease you cause you are the best wake boarder out of all of us loh
i noe i look funny
Hey, life with me was also healthy lifestyle what~
I how healthy one can!
Sigh... alas miss you all too....
Think I go try sunbeds.

:: doodeedoo ::
let me think.....

jaer = mahjong
jaer = smoking
jaer = drinking
jaer = late nite activities
jaer = karaoke

.... and the list goes on....

sun is gd..
i luve d sun..
sigh i am always so fair
not like you always so tanned....
nice seein u update! havent seen u online for so long! =)
we call it
down in the dumps!
think i saw you at ynot last nite??
ah yes... you with kutabare!?