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As I drove on this ordinary morning, I saw an extraodinary sight.
The transformation from darkness into light.
It is time I say, for I have been left in the dark.
Used to the endless darkness where light irritates the sight.
An ordinary morning it is.
Just another day of a person's life.
And in this day, fate becomes clear to him.
actually i noe the manager but there was a raid at taboo the nite before therefore they have to be stringent esp 18 is the min legal age to enter clubs....

dun worry lar... the first time i entered why not was like..... 20/21?
yup..thanks for trying k..really appreciate it! :)

haha..i'm not that desperate to get in lah.
just that it was taki's bday mah..then went all the way..so diaos. haha.
hahaha three months very fast one little kid...

not that you are desperate.. it's about seeing somethings new
yup..can't believe 2003 is coming to an end. so fast!

k lah..you take care of me the next time!
no problem kiddo..! hahaha i am a good host haha
eeyer..your 'haha' sounds so fishy!


i am just a good host... and i dun take advantage of little boys

good host?
sure or not?

haha..nvm..will find out when there's a chance!