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As I drove on this ordinary morning, I saw an extraodinary sight.
The transformation from darkness into light.
It is time I say, for I have been left in the dark.
Used to the endless darkness where light irritates the sight.
An ordinary morning it is.
Just another day of a person's life.
And in this day, fate becomes clear to him.
HAha.. sure or not?

I'm fine... horribly busy with work. working overnite this 2 days... sian ar :P
on the other hand, i get to build a dual processor Linux PC tomorrow on office budget.... :)
hahahaha can i come along ?
HEhee if u're in the area maybe ar... but not confirmed if i'm building tomolo. still got lots of other things to do
heh heh
i am quite free nowadays actually
tell you when we meet up or on icq....

work hard dude!
Ah... i see.. haha.

okay sure :)