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As I drove on this ordinary morning, I saw an extraodinary sight.
The transformation from darkness into light.
It is time I say, for I have been left in the dark.
Used to the endless darkness where light irritates the sight.
An ordinary morning it is.
Just another day of a person's life.
And in this day, fate becomes clear to him.

yeah has been very busy and sigh that stuff i have been bothered with is very draining on my soul and heart ... =)
not like you young kids very energetic.
wait till u reach my age.....
u still act like you are in your early twenties wat.. hahaha
i act like or i look like?
both both both

crosses fingers
okie, that's BETTER!!!
Geez, now i feel really old.
you are not old goodness gracious.
furthermore i think you look younger than me!! how are you ?
HAha.. sure or not?

I'm fine... horribly busy with work. working overnite this 2 days... sian ar :P
on the other hand, i get to build a dual processor Linux PC tomorrow on office budget.... :)
hahahaha can i come along ?
HEhee if u're in the area maybe ar... but not confirmed if i'm building tomolo. still got lots of other things to do

chat on icq when you're free k?

stay happy!! :P
come i bring you to why not tomorrow ok ?
wah..you know i might be going?
good!!! though you are underaged but i shld be able to smuggle you for a proper self intro