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Should I choose the smoothest course ?
Steady as a beating drum

Or look once more...
Just around a riverbend ?
familiar. Which waltz disney show is that?
Pocahontas :P
So did she look around the riverbend?
Sometimes you just have to decide whether you want to keep on looking or whether you are happy with what you have already got and stay contented with it.

human beings are never contented with what they have...

always unhappy.....
That which is too easily gained, we cherish not.
That which is worth fighting for, a lifetime we sought.
that is why

people choose the most difficult paths

people.... always over contradicting always over confused
Is all my dreaming at an end?
Or do you still wait for me Dream Giver
Just around the riverbend

listen to your heart.. u will find yr way.. In life there are always crossroads and decisions to make. Whatever u do..remember that u must always strive to be happy :>
sometime you reach the crossroads where...

you realise

you will never be happy at either end of the roads.
well u just have to make a decision. .this is what life is all about.. u may not like the road ahead of u.. but u have to move on..
merrily merily merrily merrily
life is but a dream...

strange how since young we have to sing songs that have some truth in them..
like stephanie sun's Black Sky

(Deleted comment)




什么意识? 一刀两断??
just use shadow strike on you lar
finish you first then save the rest later
(Deleted comment)
you are very explicit
tsk tsk

smoothest course will do u some good for a change...
you really think so?
that didnt really happen in Pocahontas rite? haha
that's a cartoon dear... not real life :P
whatever your choice... i'm sure it'll be agd one! =)
not true
sorry for not replying
but very lost

hope i will be found again
nvm... hehe. cheer up! you'll be found again! i'm psychic. i can tell! =)
Howya doing? Hope you're fine and you still remember me...
of course i still remember you
the past few weeks have been horrendous

Yes I understand *HUGZ*

Hope everything will turn for the better and meanwhile please take care.

I will meet up with you someday, ok?
Optimism ...

does it work?

Thanks sonny

hey, miss u lots.
miss you too.
hope you are well and good
will meet you one day if i do get better.... much better