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A day's new lesson, a new philosophy

Control yourself, your emotions.

( whisper words of wisdom ... let it be )
hey, you ok?
aiyah i am ok lar!!!
just learnt that must let go of certain things so one will be happy lor!!

glad to hear that. now why did you leave without saying good bye on ICQ???

So rude... :(
Don't let go of the son!
so sensitive!!!

no refering to anything lar! not letting you go lar!!!

just feel that I shouldnt be so sensitive and kaypoh
Heehee no lah I was just kidding and making the mood lighter...

We are a happy family, remember?
most valuable lessons are usually learnt the hard way...


bimbo you better dun laf too much later i ask sky to spank you!
but people with wisdom learn things from other peoples' mistakes and do it the easy way

not that i am v intelligent
hhmm... monkey swing too much ah?..missed lessons.. :P
tee hee monkey always swing sleep play and eat never learn much lessons so must be good!!!!

wanna go drinking??

drinking?? waaahh....ehhe..can can...anyway never really sit down and drink with u b4 ler..ahhaa....hhmm...but hor..i bad drinker ler....ahha.... Long time din see u. ..yr cow too..MISSED YOU PPL!
A lesson harder said then done...

Maybe just not matured enough...

Anyway in National Service, to control your emotions, helps you in many ways...
and you will realise
whatever you have learnt
will go do the drain sometimes...