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Times when you can't sleep
Times when you are alone thinking of someone
There is always a solution


Makes you sleepy ...
into a deep deep sleep...

and oh boy am I getting too dependent on it
wah u better dun take too much of those la....try having lavendar scent in ur room or wat....drink warm milk b4 bed time...

stuff like tat......take care ok
dun worry mate!!!
it's good stuff!!!
cures my cough and gives me undisturbed sleep till the next morning
... YAWN
gosh, pppllleeeasse dun be tooo dependent on that thing ok??? not good for u.
why leh? it's just cough mixture ....
ohh i am getting drowsy

can't seem to fall asleep nowadays
It's not too good to take too much of that right?
Are there side effects?
side effects??
hahaha this is a legal drug..
it just cause drowsiness!!!! not like it's some kind of drug abuse!!
it's cough mixture!

::cough cough::
(Deleted comment)
wah lan!!!

at first i thought it was the liquified-form of sleeping pills. haha
anyway, tk care of your cough. ;)
actually cough's mild
but it's very good for making you sleepy
you see i cant even write this properly shu qi...

you realise that too much of that stuff can be addictive...

btw, cute userpic... ;P
is it really addictive?
sigh nothing's more important than having undisturbed sleep nowadays

so sleepy everyday
cant imagine when i have to work full time yeah?
i take dat too. gee


but dun get too dependent on it lah.

hahahaha i wun..
you too lar... dun get too dependent on it....

dun you think it makes sleeping damn shiok?
codine codine, i want codine....

::eyes wide open::
but there's only HCL, ammonium chloride BP and soidium citrate BP!!
I have that too....but got other cough syrup that's more powerful...
And yes, codeine is the best!
what's codine ah ? hahahaha
can you buy the other cough syrup back for me ? tee hee

U really having cough or u taking that just so u can sleep....
more towards the reason that i cant sleep..
heh heh
but still got a little bit of cough

::eh hem::
Heeh, ur giving me ideas...
*tries to cough, choked on saliva*

yeah take monkey's excellent cough syrup!!!
for best results, take it wth monkey's saliva!!!

::opens mouth::
it looks... nice.. kekekekekeke *smirks*
u wanna try too???

::wink wink::
It no good for you PAPA!!!

::flips last semester notes and looks for a cure::
sigh there's no cure for that baby!!!! sigh sigh

i am going to die soon
everyone here said it no good...guess its really not good....i never like them....i smell only, i wanna vomit....if i take one slip...i'll vomit all the stuff that i eat....so whenever i got cough, i choose the pill form one...not the syrup.....yucks...

dun drink too much lah....try wat rex teach u....and yes, try to smoke less...esp b4 bedtime....then u'll sleep better and the cough will go....

take care
thanks mate.... heh heh
but i never thought of it as harmful really...

and it doesnt smell that bad!!!

and i dun smoke
ok i'm going to confiscate that. =P

or else i cant sleep without you!