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It's crazy.. no one wakes up on this time on Sundays unless you want to go church! Furthermore went drinking yesterday night and even though i was sober, or thought i was, it's still f***ing early to have slept only 5hrs lor! But no choice, must play Doctor to a very good friend. Haha...

Yesterday was quite sian. Divine had a fall on friday which left him with stitches above his right eyebrow and yet he still can cheong last night ( sat night ). But he didnt drink any, saying the injection he had made him drowsy and tired.

Supposedly my last cheong night at YN anyway. Takuma says yesterday was his finale night; Divine is leaving for sarawak this wednesday and will not be back till quite some time i guess; leaving me with no cheong buds. Haha That's good..

But i was sane yes i was sane and i did not make a fool of myself..
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