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Ikea is a very motivating place to make you clean up your place.

Cleaned up my table..

Took away my shelves and pushed in my bed..

and awwwww these toys... pls anyone wants to adopt them ? Who wants to share custody WITH me???
Want to die the whole family die together!

Any none carbonated cancerous drinks? I don't really take carbonated ones...
hahaha me your mother loves coke lite
but erm... haha i think there are some diet non-carbonated drinks.
but alas.... as long as they reduce the drink's calories artificially, i am afraid one will die a premature death as well
Lets die together!

Shut the windows and on the gas cylinder!

i will not allow you die so early!!!!!

::walks into river with stones in the pocket::
Sigh, sometimes I wonder whats in this world that is meaningful for me to live in... and thats people like you =)


of course we also will take care of you and buy you chocolates ok?????

this thread is getting soooooo long!!!
I will get fatter in no time with more chocs and ice cream!!!

psst, a father's sacrifice is neverending ok...
dun you noe that parents always want their kids round and fat!!!
so chubby

So cute and chubby that you don't have the strength to carry me...
i am a skinny useless monkey

Then i carry you on my back then!
good filial son...
come come
we go take a walk around singapore!
I carry you along singapore river for you to throw your pebbles ok?