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Ikea is a very motivating place to make you clean up your place.

Cleaned up my table..

Took away my shelves and pushed in my bed..

and awwwww these toys... pls anyone wants to adopt them ? Who wants to share custody WITH me???
request??? hahahaha i am not sure leh


i am going for a uniform party tonite!
hee hee so SEXcited!
What is a uniform party? I have never heard of it? Is monkey getting laid?
a uniform party is a party where guys wear up in military uniforms!!!!
oohhh yeah....
hahaha remember i have uniform fetish?? lalala
Ahhh, so did u have fun?
NO!!!! it was disappointing!!!!

i want a decent uniform party!!!
Well maybe we'll have one if I ever can visit... We can play Strip Drill... the first one who doesn't salute right has to shed a piece of clothing...
hahahaha never heard of it before
sounds interesting though

will you strip for me?
I would do anything for you or Cow...

Yeah, pretty much anything...