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Ikea is a very motivating place to make you clean up your place.

Cleaned up my table..

Took away my shelves and pushed in my bed..

and awwwww these toys... pls anyone wants to adopt them ? Who wants to share custody WITH me???
Its a burqa. =P

Btw,I'm returning to CCHS today.
Plan to shoot some nice pics.
OHHH!!! our old sch! shucks i miss that sch really sometimes! sigh
Yah man - the basement can now longer be reached by the staircase at the foot of the stage.. instd must go by the back of the stage..

藏书格 is now a Art Gallery, and the top floor of Auditorium is now the School Heritage Gallery (pics later). And the Old Auditorium building is now named 竹林梅 (read right to left).

I miss our old classrooms, and that old dilapidated bridge near the old technical block. And the two canteens!

Btw, 5 teachers retired. They are:
Mrs Lee Wan Lan (Geography/English)
Mdm Lee Yock Peng (Mathematics)
Mdm Tan Bee Bee 陈美美! (Chinese)
Mdm Goh Sue Chin (Chinese)
Mr Chan Soon Heng (Chinese)