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Ikea is a very motivating place to make you clean up your place.

Cleaned up my table..

Took away my shelves and pushed in my bed..

and awwwww these toys... pls anyone wants to adopt them ? Who wants to share custody WITH me???
I think you look more Vagina then me.
anyway virgos are late august..not early.
Jasmine is like older then me by 3 days.
pls lor
i am not hairy nor i look cramped up!
well thats when u puke then u look cramped up
sorry i dun puke one OK!!!!
i am how decent
dun drink dun smoke still a virgin
sigh where to find such a good man!

oh puhless.......dont make me snort.
wat a silly retort.
thought you snort all the time?
Hmmmm.....maybe u shall snort along with me next time.

in my bed ??
hmmmm are u trying to sleep with me..? hahahah
you mean you will want????