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Ikea is a very motivating place to make you clean up your place.

Cleaned up my table..

Took away my shelves and pushed in my bed..

and awwwww these toys... pls anyone wants to adopt them ? Who wants to share custody WITH me???
Long time since u posted...
(by the way i have that exact same poster above my desk)
Come what may......
haha yeah have been real busy man... with work and emtional stuff plus lotsa frens from US and more coming back from aussie... ....
how's life eh?
wah so neat, so proud of you!!! MUACKS!
too bad you didnt offer to help!

yay! a post... and let the marathon commenting sessions being... ;P
why you sound so surprised!? hahaha
monkey's busy mah!
Oh the Sitch is so big....OHANA!!!!
hahaha yeah it was a gift most of them are gifts
dunno why people like to buy my these creatures when i never said i liked them
dat's a big stitch..
hee hee everyone loves stitch
i got that cos someone says i look like stitch!
What a clean room with cool MAC and cute toys!!!
my son wants some cute toys? i can let you hug them to sleep ok ? no more nitemares for you !
EEEEEEEKS! I see the epitome of evil right there in the first picture!

And it's.. it's.. emitting white blinding rays!!

*cowers in fear*~

where got evil? you are the evil one! always slapping people!
what if the books dropps off and hit you when you are sleeping!!!
there used to be more shelves dear... ask cowie and i have taken alot of them off!!!

sleeping under "books"'s not such a good idea rite mate?
I love soft toys =)
issit? you want some?? hahahaha

which one dya like?? come come papa give you some!!!

hides in dark corner
Eh, U got quite some bit of toys huh..
Can fight with me..heh..
Next time I take pic of them on my shelf..
hahaha you want a bigger collection let me add some to yours??
I want the STITCH!!!
By the way, why are there no frogs...? =(
i dun have frogs cos no one gives me..
are you going to add one to my collection ? in exchange for stitch? haha
hmmm, did you ever get my email?

hello stevie..
i didnt receive any of the mails!
did you send correctly?
was wondering why you havent been on LJ actively like you used to!
miss you!
i also clearing my toys... haha too much and no space... anyway how to upload picture in LJ ah ?
yeah lor i also say...
first type "<" then "img src", then ">"
after which continue without space with "<" and "http://the-link-to-the-photo" and end with ">"

you must upload your pic to the website first
(Deleted comment)
that's the reason i love him
but i still love cartman the most.
think i look like him! lol
you can have the kenny u really do ? =)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
i 1 e "la pi siao xing"...!!!
you like him? it's actually a coin bank .. you can have it if you want! i am more than glad!