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P800's screen went koyak --> estimated cost of repair --> S$300 (at least)

renton's back --> "hurrah" --> but have to go for island wide auditing @ Jurong Town

Clubbing gets too expensive --> the discovery of Black Cat

Picking up renton and driving him around --> instead of the other way round

And my str8 brother considering to be a make up artist --> and his AJ brother is doing auditing
Papa monkey!

When can I have the honour of meeting you!?

What happened to your phone? Poor thing...
i want to meet you

get from papa cow my tel no. ok ? hee hee

and my fone.. it's such a disgrace of what happened to my phone.

too embarrased to say
(Deleted comment)
straight people doing makeup and gay men doing auditing...its the end of the world as we know. These are signs....
(Deleted comment)
juorng!! so near my house.

hmm..what happened to your P800? u sat on it?
it's at corporation rd to be exact! haha
come visit me for lunch IF i have to go back there next week
but you are working near beach rd isnt it?
how ironic
You're a failed fag!!! Even your str8 brudder is more gay than you!!!
i also say
you shld be a brother to me so i can feel less gay though
ur p800 screen got cracked, scratched or wat?

told u to buy screen protector rite?!

mine as good as new! :P
i've already got the screen protector!!
it's the LCD
it's an internal crack!!!


heart pains!
Haha hmm ur bro's gonna be helpful if u ever wanna DQ for Halloween. ;p
for the best make up artist in the world he cant make me into a DQ cos i am how str8 looking can!

dun be a bitch
Gosh... ur phone's broken already? :P sounds bad


hehe... so i guess u be ur str8 brother's no.1 test subject?
i got ugly features
i think you are prettier
anyway you going for the yatch thingy?
Siemens SL55~~!
sigh i am a poor boy no money!
you buy me one ok?