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From the Fresh smell of roses . . .

To the real world's bed of thorns roses . . .

First day of work and they gave me TONS of work to do. Worked from 9 to 530pm non-stop!
And trusted a newbie like me to handle a S$1million company's accounts.
They must be mad. I miss slacking sigh. Auditing's a damn poofy job. Why did I choose this course?
monkey's banana!
whoo hoo, love that yummy banana
you havent seen it.. have you?
hmmm, if I saw it, it probably would be in my mouth

you are so obscene!!!!!!!


i am a very chaste monkey! don't pollute me!
lol...this from the boy who wants to strip me naked and whip me
dun argue with me!
monkey is always right!
I would never argue with a cute boy, let alone one always right... ::hugs::

Oh, I am planning my trip. As of now, I will be spending at least one week in Singapore and one in Thailand in December. I may be able to do more time if the publisher agrees to the book.
oh my oh yes
that sounds exciting!!!
Yes, it seems that some boys in Thailand think I am attractive... I doesn't understand why...