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From the Fresh smell of roses . . .

To the real world's bed of thorns roses . . .

First day of work and they gave me TONS of work to do. Worked from 9 to 530pm non-stop!
And trusted a newbie like me to handle a S$1million company's accounts.
They must be mad. I miss slacking sigh. Auditing's a damn poofy job. Why did I choose this course?
Eep! What will you be whipping me with? Monkey's tail?
monkey's banana!
monkey's banana!
whoo hoo, love that yummy banana
you havent seen it.. have you?
hmmm, if I saw it, it probably would be in my mouth

you are so obscene!!!!!!!


i am a very chaste monkey! don't pollute me!
lol...this from the boy who wants to strip me naked and whip me
dun argue with me!
monkey is always right!
I would never argue with a cute boy, let alone one always right... ::hugs::

Oh, I am planning my trip. As of now, I will be spending at least one week in Singapore and one in Thailand in December. I may be able to do more time if the publisher agrees to the book.
oh my oh yes
that sounds exciting!!!
Yes, it seems that some boys in Thailand think I am attractive... I doesn't understand why...