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From the Fresh smell of roses . . .

To the real world's bed of thorns roses . . .

First day of work and they gave me TONS of work to do. Worked from 9 to 530pm non-stop!
And trusted a newbie like me to handle a S$1million company's accounts.
They must be mad. I miss slacking sigh. Auditing's a damn poofy job. Why did I choose this course?
Hmm, I found a nude picture of monkey from when he was young and needed the money for school:

you have scarred me for life...
this is so outrageous! how dare you laugh at the monkey!
Maybe you should punish me somehow? Like force-feed me a big banana?!
hmmmm no
i want to strip u naked and whip you
Eep! What will you be whipping me with? Monkey's tail?
monkey's banana!
monkey's banana!
oh oh did you adopt him!!!!!
go buy him!
I'd rather have the rare Singaporean Stud Monkey
ok get me over to the U.S and is it possible to get me a green card?
sure, i'll get you over here but you'd have to share the bed with me... my sofa is very uncomfortable ::wink::
ermm but i want to be a U.S resident!!!
ahh, then you can stay with me as long as you need to take the exams