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From the Fresh smell of roses . . .

To the real world's bed of thorns roses . . .

First day of work and they gave me TONS of work to do. Worked from 9 to 530pm non-stop!
And trusted a newbie like me to handle a S$1million company's accounts.
They must be mad. I miss slacking sigh. Auditing's a damn poofy job. Why did I choose this course?
::button activated::

monkey is not going to be at keypoint in the morning tomorrow!!
going to meet clients!!
so happening hor!!!

sigh dun ya think that the 3rd storey smoking corner reminds you of cameron highlands
so fun! cow is going to see clients at 1 pm... =(

yeah i love the smoking corner... it's much nicer at night though.
i seriously do not want to smoke there at night
if you know what i mean
hee hee... lazy monkey!!!
so smart AH!!!!!
hee hee love you!
it's 12:11am no self control at all!


oyasumi nasai!!!

::bin bin goes to smoke::