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From the Fresh smell of roses . . .

To the real world's bed of thorns roses . . .

First day of work and they gave me TONS of work to do. Worked from 9 to 530pm non-stop!
And trusted a newbie like me to handle a S$1million company's accounts.
They must be mad. I miss slacking sigh. Auditing's a damn poofy job. Why did I choose this course?
/me got nothing to say...

so i'll just lalalalalalalala

at least got rest the whole weekend hor
sigh if not for the bloody work i can sleep everyday until july when sch reopens!!!!

come come help me work!
Poor papa...

::pat pat::
see the price i have to pay to support my son!!! sigh you better dun disappoint me and i will support you through university!
that's the price to pay for being soooo near moomoo.

so our lunchie appt still on?
of course it's on!
my lunch's abt from 1230 to 130!
anytime anyday just buzz me!
that's life... :)
will grandpa support me and give me a good life

just support me with a lifetime full of bananas
My dear.... a S$1 million company account is peanuts.
You can barely call it a SME.
Or maybe just an extra small.

Anyway, i'm quite sure you'll not be the one presenting to the client.
So just chill out!
actually yeah i agree ... sigh it's just that my bank account is always two figures mah...
sigh sigh sigh

i think i will stone everyday...
BABY I LOVE YOU!!! hee hee at least you are just 11 floors away from me everyday...
so easy to report duty to my dearest moo moo cow ah!!
U are working already...like a week after your exams?!
Poor monyet!

At least u are near your milk supply.
but that cow always run here run there..
sob sob

you come and give me some milk??
my life has been a bed of ice-cream to smell of money flying away for spending too much on them. =(
wah dunno you can write such cheem and long sentences
i dun quite get it leh! hahahahaha

you mean i spend too much on ice cream!?!?
::pat pat::
It's experience~!! Imagine how easy it would be for you after you graduate!! and do the same boring stuff all over again! =) wolfe is so nice wor~
you always discourage me and to think i always so nice to you wor bring you go out and play at nice nice houses!!

sighz... must work hard! erm... not schooling till july?

must meet me go watch movie or lunch!!!!! got special occasion coming up!
wat special occasion??
your birthday?!?!??!?!?

hee hee if special occasion sure meet up
you come and look for me at my work place lor!
:: sayang sayang ::

Monkey Poooor Thing Wor~!

Well, at least you got to go for a honeymoon sex fest before you started work.

Me want go honeymoon sex fest too~!!!
hee hee let's go to strawberry park resort!

imagine in the middle of the night
the dark dark night
only the sounds of love making
so dark you can only hear
to see that
you are making love to me
so you started work!!! haha. it sucks doesn't it?
it's worse than sucks..if there's such a word!!
haha damn super bz! think they are really desperate for cheap labour like me
Hugz Hugz,

Your company uses their Time wisely ...... cos this is the only right time to TEGAN Newbies!!! As what you always did during your PTI days!!!! Got it ... 3SG (NS) Ben??

i am always how nice can!
i never tekan my recruits lor!
not like you always sia lan those lower rank than you you snobbish Chief clerk!