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The final hours to hell...

I hate Walter Woon! I hate Company Law!

God Help Me!! Monkeys are not supposed to take exams! Help ah Help ah!

::Horrified; Terrified; Petrified::
(Deleted comment)

YOUR banana????!?!
(Deleted comment)
Walter Woon?? hey his books are quite easy to understand.. u try those books written by the London examiners :P hehehe I scored 'B' for Company Law last time.. don't worry.. it's an open book exam right? u can bring in the Company Act?
yeah can bring in company act
but also got SAFA
blah blah

oh well... it was relatively easy.. or easier than i thought i would be!!
thanks you your reiki

and Glory to my God in Heaven!
Don't panic monkey because it won't do you any good you know!

I believe you can make it for this paper! :) Do well and you can walk out of the hall smiling! :p

::Going back to school for revision...::
one paper down!!!
5 more to go... sigh....
well at least dun think it's a killer paper... hahaha

you study hard too!!!

and people who walk into hell usually dun come out alive!
here's something to keep you feel destressed...

courtesy of the pari


errmmm thank you!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Nah, *gibes you a froggy squeeze toy*

Nah, *gibes you a hard pat on the back!*

heh thanks for that pat...

::pats back HARD::

Dun worry, eh? ;) Company Law's pretty ok... dun recall doing too badly at that one... some more open bk :) My stoopid thing this evening (late afternoon :?) is closed book with mega readings... now scrabbling at the proverbial Buddha's feet :)

Gambatte ne :) Monkeys not made to take exams, but once doing something, sure can one! :)
hahaha thanks thanks
at least one person is finally not demoralising monkey's intelligence

you too study hard!!! and well... the paper's not as scary as i tot it will be!

::summons generational-bitch-energies::

May the force be with you... *Ohmmmmm......
::accept energies::

::scribbles on exam script::

:: I love bitching i love bitching::
when are your exams finishing?????

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

::passes you luck till my next exam::
i bring you to vet for examination ok? dun worry ok? muacks muacks...
but i am not sick!!!!!
bring me to vet for what????

love cures everything!!!

::hug hug::
::patpat:: don't stress! not good for health. always have confidence and just do your best! U CAN MAKE IT!!! ::hugz::

arigato gozaimusu!
hee hee
you are so kind
by the time u read this message, that exam will be over....

see? over liao...no sweat..u made it!!! hehe.
hee hee yeah you are right..
but ....
dunno made it or not...
oh WTF
5 more to go..
"Nah, give u bag of peanuts for doing so well"
::smells peanuts::

::throws back peanuts::

Gack, I still have to take my exams (only 3 thankfully) but I also have a 25K word freelance writing assignment due on the 9th! Gack, I have yet to even start it... I need that lucky banana when you're done your tests...
haha but my exams end on the 13th!!!! haha

but since you are always so nice i will still be nice to you

::passes lucky banana to you::

you cannot die arh!!! i still owe you ice cream treat
::looks for ice cream::

where got??

Geez.. I like business Law when I was in SP :P
gee how can anyone like law huh??
the long sentences with the uncomprehensable words