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Long Time Since I last Updated LJ...
but few things to complain about...

(1) Look at THIS COUPLE!!!!!!! Play cheat during our trial play of RISK 2201A.D
Dear here dear that.. sorry dear i have to fight you.. no dear you shouldn't do this....
Me, astropup and poor choon ping have to suffer hours of suffocating toture

(2) Nothing much, just our killer HOT mama willing to pose a splendid picture of Singapore's
Queen Latifah for my Killer Poses Part II

(3) And... Look at him.. sooo cute ... so adorable... but it BITES!!!!

P.S : on behalf of him, i say sorry to all those victims on Saturday YN. Too Stressed!
it's STITCH!

OOPPSS!!! i forgot to ask for your permission to post!!!
Geez... binbin's eyes are like mine.. we r single eyelids boys!!!!!!! *CHEER!*
they are called sexy eyes babe!
hahahaha....so adorable.....pictures of cuties and sex bombs...
Am i adorable?? hee hee
or is it pyschiallergy????

now jaer can take a break from being in the horror show spotlight, because hot mama frightened me to death. priceless!
oh, and you are sooo cute :)
how can you say anything bad about hot mama!!!
she deliberately poses this for us to see!!!
and why mama's hot!!!! ::mama's stroking you....::

oh... you are cute too
:: runs runs runs ::
we weren't there... were you ? or was i too drunk to remember anything at all?!?!!?
hahaha.. after my exams i am going to DRINK DRINK DRUNK...

u muz come wib me okay!?
(1) :XXX
(2) OMG!! He DOES remind me of the Queen Latifah!!!! ::shudders::
(3) @_@ Is that makeup??!! But then again, it's not surprising considering your DQ status...
(1) :PPPP
(2) You can be King Latifah
(3) I AM NOT A DQ!!!!! i how man can!
gah, you're too damn cute... even if the monkey does nibble
I dun nibble! once i bite i dun let go!

or else...we're so not friends anymore!!
but why? you look great in that pose. at least it wasn't a marilyn monroe pose.....
Thank goodness that the mark on my back is gone,
hope yours is gone too!

Moral of the story: Never try to bite your senior!


com'on make me drink again
i dun care who's my junior who's the senior
i am THE monkey!
Pin Pin When do u want to go bowling?
anytime anytime!
you've got my number rite??
buzz me!
(Deleted comment)
dly rushes in where angels fear to tread.
(Deleted comment)
haha i expect to see a repeat performance at ynot when i get back
too bad the moulin rouge season's over
hope you can get back in time to watch the hours... haha

btw can you get for me the HOURS dvd if it is released in U.S when you come back? will pay you back?!?!?
hee hee

hot mama looks cute!!
how was risk 2210ad anyway? i juz got it recently too, damn addictive but we never could finish a game.
Risk 2210A.D is quite good... 5 of us played it and it was damn slow cos we just started to learn to play it.
very interesting loved the cards.. though i find the moon quite useless.making it too complicated. but politically correct?

haha we played until year 4 though and it took us about 4hrs
HOT MAMA!!!!!!!
no more hot mama!!!
monkeys are not only known for biting, they are also known for flinging faeces at people from their cage. hmmm scat?
i am a clean monkey no doubt
i dun fling my faeces around like human beings including you