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Just came back from WHYNOT with my brother, joycelyn and divineblack
drank long island tea and lotsa whiskey
then.. guess who called?? it's mama monkey!!!!!!!
My mama asked me to fetch her and I can't refuse and my brother's not supposed to use the car
so here i am... goggy... driving the bloody car... can't even drive straight
now i know why the government bans drink driving
Luckily Monkey's lucky no police no accidents..... ::burp::

i am so seh now.. hope i am saying what i want to say
its only a cut and paste paste from the first.. can reuse.. I'm not that stupid..
can let me bitch you or not!?
let small boy win also cannot
you lao chi koh!
Call me Lao Chi Koh! Cradle Snatcher!! Paedophile!!! Whatever lah!

Not as if I've not been laugh or suan at..kena this sort of names calling for almost a year...Call me what ever lah! I dont care what people said then.. I dont care now!!!

FUCK lah.. no more Mr Nice Guy!

aiyoh you angry ah!!??!!