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Just came back from WHYNOT with my brother, joycelyn and divineblack
drank long island tea and lotsa whiskey
then.. guess who called?? it's mama monkey!!!!!!!
My mama asked me to fetch her and I can't refuse and my brother's not supposed to use the car
so here i am... goggy... driving the bloody car... can't even drive straight
now i know why the government bans drink driving
Luckily Monkey's lucky no police no accidents..... ::burp::

i am so seh now.. hope i am saying what i want to say
gonna drink less already
i am a changed man
Hahaha, Change????? Well, If you are changing for your ownself, I'll raise my thumbs up for you!!!

But if you are changing for the sake of others!!! Then you are staying alive for others. But if you think it is worth, just give it a try until your heart is fully died!!!

Lastly, no matter how good or bad you have changed!!! The THe Of Us are still Khakis!!!

hahaha sometimes change is for others
sometimes it's out of love


people live for one another
that's what people do

so let's turn str8 as our parents are hoping for. :P
you are a str8 woman mah
as for me
cowie's a woman mah