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Just came back from WHYNOT with my brother, joycelyn and divineblack
drank long island tea and lotsa whiskey
then.. guess who called?? it's mama monkey!!!!!!!
My mama asked me to fetch her and I can't refuse and my brother's not supposed to use the car
so here i am... goggy... driving the bloody car... can't even drive straight
now i know why the government bans drink driving
Luckily Monkey's lucky no police no accidents..... ::burp::

i am so seh now.. hope i am saying what i want to say
Arr??? Why Not on a thursday nite?!
hey dude not asleep?
yeah it's karaoke night.. my brother's there mah...
Orrr... ahh, forgot its a karaoke too. Ah, hmm... I wonder how good a karaoke it is. My usual karaoke spot is a bit further down past Maxwell

is it at the tea lover's house? haha
u sing good?
Well... I just like to sing. :) its up to other to decide to either like it, or shoo me off the mike
hahahahaa dun think anyone will be that rude
nor that you will be that bad!
Haha... you never know :)
(Deleted comment)
Join us next time lah~! Somemore so near also.

Wait... you can sing meh?

:: snigger snigger ::
(Deleted comment)
Huh? You didn't know he's working as a bar hostess?
dun be so bad lor
you think YOU can SING very well meh?!?!?
unless you meant SING KARAOKE in a different way
but still you also quite lousy mah!
I meant can he go sing karaoke.
Got permission meh?

hahaha YUP! my brother!!
my older brother!!