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Read Michael Cunningham's The Hours
Seen Stephen Daldry's The Hours
Read David Hare's The Hours
Now... Left with Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway

The most impressive set of literature I've ever seen and admired.

"You live with the threat of my extinction.... I live with it too"
" The Hours" was one of the titles Woolf originally considered for her book Mrs Dalloway...she despised the medical treament thrust at her and said once that they were " capable of some indescribable outrage - forcing your soul, that was it." i think she loved life, but was also simulatneously, as my friend said, unable to tolerate it. life was simply inadequete. Life vs Death. Life vs. Living. they meant the same thing to her
i think she meant it when she said " I have no wish to live a life i have no wish to live"
i suppose she has her ideals of a perfect life

everyone does
yes...i suppose so too = )