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Read Michael Cunningham's The Hours
Seen Stephen Daldry's The Hours
Read David Hare's The Hours
Now... Left with Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway

The most impressive set of literature I've ever seen and admired.

"You live with the threat of my extinction.... I live with it too"
Not with the YiShow for Clie launcher (built in reader), 4 font size settings

+ Clie font fix, makes the fonts thicker and clearer

+ 320 x 320 res screen :)

Nah... its not too bad. Actually i just finished the entire LOTR on it. Thats why I'm on the Silmarillion now :)
i cant follow this kinda bks no more.
series and series of it.
followed dragonlance
was good
but it was getting too crazy
(Deleted comment)
yup agreed!The dragonlance chronicles were the best
LOTR was a bit different i think. It used to put me to sleep, now it engages me on all my MRT rides...

Well, i kinda got bored of fantasy stuff after Wheel Of Time... that's practically the Days Of Our Lives of fantasy books i think...
guess everyone will get out of puberty hehe