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Oh God I am feeling suicidal... ...

A live that you have no wish to live

To choose between live and death

I choose death

::puts stones inside pocket and walks into the river::
you went mad? i am not your mum!!!!!
yes you are! U admitted as much during of the other long long commenting conversations...

::waves:: hi mum!!
hello!!!!! how can you be my grandpa then??
sigh and you said there was generation gap when you are OLDER
but but but, I never said I was your grandpa...

you wound me with your words, mum... ::sobs::
well. clara the paripari told me!
she was referring to herself. I'm her pretend-grandpa and wolfegod's... I never said I was yours, mum... ;P

I've reserved a special place in my heart for you, mum...
but but
i am pari pari's uncle! that makes you my grand daddy!!!
since when did you become her uncle???
And how can I be your granddaddy if I'm her granddaddy and you're her uncle??? You illogic fails me, mum... :?
i was her uncle for a very long time
so that makes you my dad!!!!
errmm if you are her grandpa...
yup! that's correct!
exactly how long is long, mum-who-is-also-my-son???

but i think you may be from the branch of the family that we don't talk about... so... hmmm...