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Oh God I am feeling suicidal... ...

A live that you have no wish to live

To choose between live and death

I choose death

::puts stones inside pocket and walks into the river::
wah...cowie so fierce to yubin ah? tsk tsk.
hahahaha must scold him for trying to attract attention...
Then you "shower" on him all your attention lor.

ok last comment, i'm not going to fall into his trap of attention seeking... :-P
monkey perform tricks getting cat to be amused ah!!!!
he only scolds me every night
and now i am into depression

::boo boo::
i am not!!
it's just my feelings for the movie!!!

dun understand me..
haha... hm... must try to understand lar. YY cowie so like that?? tsk tsk

don't cry lehz..... need my shoulder? ;) heehee.
see how i am treated at home
being abused
Milk that cow! Milk that cow!!
haha milk that cow??
the cow got no milk!!!!
it's infertile!! cannot give birth one!
oh dear...was this supposed to be a secret???

*pretends never know*
slipped my mouth!!!

::monkey waiting for cow to murder him::